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Planning Your Respite

Below you will find information to consider when you are getting ready for respite. You can also use the Charting the LifeCourse tools in the “Caregiver Resources” section to help you through your planning process.  

Things to Think About 

Respite Time 

  • How many hours of respite will be needed? Do you need it for a 2 hour appointment in the middle of the day, the entire day, overnight, longer, etc.? 
  • How often do you need the respite?  
  • How long will the respite last?  

Care Needs & Preferences 

  • What does the person need to do or know to care for my loved one?  
  • Does my loved one require assistance with walking, eating, mental stimulation, medications, etc. during my respite time?  
  • What is important for the person providing respite to know about my loved one to care for them?  
  • What is important to my loved one in a caregiver?  
  • What information do I need to share with the person providing respite in order for my loved one to be sag and for me to feel comfortable leaving them with someone?  


  • How will my loved one be transported, if needed?  
  • Will they easily adjust to new environments or new people?  
  • Will I be comfortable knowing that my loved one will be out of the home (if applicable)?