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What can a MAP Counselor help me with?

  • Understand your Medicare options
  • Plan comparisons or enrollments
  • Detailed Medicare information
  • Medicare appeals
  • Fraud/ prevention education
  • Medicare billing issues
  • Application assistance for low-income programs.
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Is there help if I can't afford my Medicare premiums or prescription costs?

Yes! MAP Counselors can help you learn about and navigate assistance programs that you may qualify for. In addition, they can help you apply for programs you may qualify for. These programs can help with:

  • Medicare premiums
  • Deductibles
  • Copays
  • Coinsurance

Contact Us Today! 1-800-307-4444 (toll free) or contact your local MAP agency:

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Come volunteer with MAP!


MAP is a volunteer based program. We need enthusiastic volunteers who want to learn about Medicare and help others. We provide free training. No experience necessary! 


If you want to help make a difference in your community, give us a call!



Watch a short video on YouTube from SHIP volunteers. (SHIP is part of MAP. Click the back arrow to return to this page.)