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What are Respite Breaks?

Let’s face it, being a caregiver can be a lot of work. And, sometimes that work can go on for months or years. In order to equip a caregiver to continue their work over a long period of time, it is essential that they get a regular break. 

Pronounced “ress-pit”, these breaks can be short or long. It might just be a few hours so the caregiver can go shopping, visit friends, or see a movie. It might be a day or two, so the caregiver can tend to personal business or get away for a weekend. Or, it might be a week or two, so that the caregiver can take a vacation and “recharge their batteries.” 

Why is Respite Needed? 

Honestly, EVERY person providing ongoing care to a loved one needs a break—how often those breaks occur, and how long they last, depends on each person’s situation. 

Respite services: 

  • Help sustain the health and well being of the caregiver and care recipient 
  • Avoid or delay out of home placements
  • Reduces the likelihood of abuse and neglect 
  • Helps maintain your own health as a caregiver 
  • Give the caregiver frequent breaks before they become overwhelmed and burn-out 
  • Re-energizes caregivers and allows them to continue caring for their loved one.  

Regular relief can become a lifesaver! 

Explore the Types of Respite today and know how to properly Plan Your Respite!